Saturday, January 21, 2012

The angriest people ever

Connecticut should be called the Ire State. Screw the nutmeg. People can't even read an article about a snowstorm without getting pissed off.

I logged on to to find out how much snow we're getting and burst out laughing at the comments.

You can practically hear the handguns being loaded.

One of the commenters does have a point: Does six inches of snow really warrant live team coverage? We live in New England. White shit is supposed to fall from the sky from time to time. Then again, if the news team is out meticulously measuring snow with their Livebreaking Storm Team Tracker Gadgets, doesn't that mean it's a really slow news day?

And isn't that a good thing?

So come on, you Connecticut assholes. Go outside and make a boobalicious snowman. Pour some more Baileys into your hot chocolate. Grab your toboggan and sled down a landfill.

By the time night falls, the news team will be back covering the things to which you've grown so accustomed: Quik-E mart robberies, home fires, state employees stealing from the Food Stamp program, the piss-poor economy, the high price of gas, and cuts in our healthcare benefits.

Now who wants some nutmeg?


The Captain's Wife said...

pretty funny cause I was reading the same comment on FB this morning and cracking up. My mom called me from NC with her panties all ruffled "I heard you are having a really bad storm today! Be careful! Dont drive! stay in!". She clearly has forgotten about the 48yrs she lived here in CT and the fact that it snows a lot more than it has this year. When will people take the snow for what it is best excuse to stay in our jammies for the day!

brokenteepee said...

Did they ever PLOW THE ROADS?

Sheesh, we had 18" and as far as I know no one got that pissed

JoAnna said...

Shocking because here, also in New England, I was amazed at how calm and cooperative people were on the road today. They were not driving like imbeciles. They were not speeding. They were giving each other wide berths. And i have to say in my years of driving, I have never slipped and skid quite like I did today! This is what my father calls "greasy" snow. I'm with you, get a grip, we live in New England! Stop being such pussies!

SmartBear said...

Bravo you! You should see it around here. Even if the forecast calls for 1/2 an inch the weatherteam interrupts my trash t.v. ever damn 3 minutes. This former Ohio/Michigan gal has NO tolerance for that crap...or for the dumbasses who try to drive in it.
Send snow our way, why don't you? I'm dyin' here.

Leanne said...

Me! And cinnamon too. Love this post. Yeah, we get snow up here in January. Canada - snow. Shocking.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Shit we can't even handle a little rain in Phoenix. Bring on 110 degrees and we're all over it.

Pearl said...


As a woman living in Minneapolis, I both concur and would like to go on the record as raising my margarita glass to you re: the live coverage bit. Six inches of snow in the winter is not noteworthy beyond making sure that you own a shovel.


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