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Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts


Instead of my usual funereal work clothes (shades of brown, black and gray), I wore a bright yellow shirt to work yesterday. BRIGHT yellow. I’m not sure what I expected. The seas to part? Co-workers to drop to their knees and shout, "Mrs. Mullet, you are a fucking lemon goddess"? I guess I thought that something should happen. But nope. When I put the shirt in the hamper I felt like yelling, “Hah! Boy did you blow it.” Then I imagined all the drab clothing around it snickering.

And I hadn’t even been drinking.

It's probably good I didn't go into teaching.

While I was wearing said yellow shirt, Mr. Doll asked me for a favor. At first I said no. He asked what it would take for me to say yes and I said, “A cinnamon doughnut.” So after lunch he brought me a box of Munchkins, mostly cinnamon. That was disappointing because the chocolate were much better. I called him and said he shouldn’t have. He shot back, “Well, you shouldn’t have asked then!” When I hung up I had a flashback to the playground. You know, when boys used to push you down and spit on you because they liked you.

I didn't end up doing him that favor.

I think I’ve solved the whole how-to-get-everyone-to-relax-on-the-playground dilemma: coin-operated kegs. And you'd need someone to check IDs, so voila, there's job creation.

Sometimes I miss laundromats. When Chuck and I had an apartment pre-Junior, we’d drag our asses to the laundromat on Sundays. We’d get coffee, read the paper and window shop at Raymour and Flanigan next door. Then we’d get potato pancakes and drink more coffee. At the time I was irritable: I wanted my own washer and dryer but now, those days don’t seem so bad.

I bet if I had to go back to using a laundromat I'd reconsider that last statement.

For more randomness head on over to the Un Mom. From what I hear, she wears yellow all the time. And you know what that means.


Lindy said...

Our dryer broke the other day (with of course a load ready to be transferred from the washer) - I made my husband do the laundromat thing and he has requested we do it all the time.

I've requested he shut the hell up.

Brandy said...

It's like a laundry random today. i blogged about my jacked up washer.

and you totally got some donuts and didn't perform?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Awesome random, I like the keg idea (have to change the brand but still it has merit).

I know what you mean about clothes and trying something different. I'm a t-shirt in every color kind of gal with my standard jeans. But I recently got run over by a shopping spree at Nordstrom and I discovered Michael Kors on Sale! That man is my clothing crack. EVen when no one notices my undrab self, I still feel good (and my new clothes can't be laughed at by the old - they're of the dry clean variety ;)

I had to do the laundromat for a month when we were in temp housing. I ahted it but it could also have been because I hated that I was living in Germany...

Happy Random!

Keely said...

I'm glad you decided not to be a teacher. That always interferes with a persons blogging.

Jenera said...

When we first moved to Idaho we had to use the laundromat. I loved it. I was able to get all my clothes done at once without waiting all day to cycle through. And when it was 20 degrees outside it was so warm inside. And my son had a blast playing there too.

mannequin said...

I know. Laundromats have a kinda of big city, small town down home risque kind of feel, don't they?
I think there may also be lots of bloggy photo ops at the laundromat.

Buggys said...

Your keg idea is nothing short of brilliant! Smart girl, always thinking. I'm impressed that you got donuts without any effort on your part. You are the man...WO-man!

Michelle said...

LOL! That's a great pic. My H would be all over it.

Mrsbear said...

We used to have to go to the laundromat when we lived with my mother-in-law, as if that weren't bad enough. It always stressed me the hell out, battling women for dryer space on Sunday mornings, but something about doing seven loads of laundry at the same time always appealed to me. We were washed/dried/folded by lunch time. Now laundry takes me all. damned. day.

blognut said...

Yellow is a horrible color for blognuts. It makes us look dead.

You better not be thinking of burying me in yellow, either. I don't want to look dead even I am dead.

kyooty said...

You know that keg idea is good but I noticed that Tictactoe idea there and I'll bet if you set up some slot machines you could solve state debt andddddddddd the overbearing parent in me problem.

Mad Woman said...

It means she's related to the guy from Curious George?

I loved going to the laundromat for the social aspect, but hated going because I knew I could have a washer/dryer at home if I just saved some damn money. Which I couldn't. Because it was all being spent at the laundromat.

Dto3 said...

Hit up a laundromat this summer while at my in-laws - one of the kids bled all over a comforter (we never got the real story as to why his eyeball was dangling from the socket, but nonetheless), needed an extra large loader for the comforter to get cleaned and dried. My loving wife and I discussed how much easier it would be to have multiple washers and dryers again. Ahh, the good ole poor days. We were so rich with experiences back then, eh?

Anne said...

Trust me, the laundromat isn't all it's cracked up to be. We took the kids to one last year when my washer went out and it was painful. It's hot, the people are weird and kids get crabby after about 17 seconds. Can you read the paper, window shop and get potato pancakes while your washing machine is running? It will be the same benefit without all the discomfort.

Otter Thomas said...

I would give anything for coin operated kegs. You have now given me a new goal in life.

Pricilla said...

I had to use a laundromat for 8 years. I was never so happy as when the washer and dryer got hooked up.

Yellow is good.