Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winona Ryder and I are likethis

I thought yesterday was Wednesday. It sure felt like a Wednesday, hence the premature posting of my lovely grandmother in all her pre-tequila glory.

I also thought I had taken down something I had written as part of the Wordless Wednesday post before anyone saw it, but there was a comment from DysFUNctional Mom that said, “that just sucks” and she wasn’t referring to Granny (really, how could anyone find a 92-year-old about to slam back a shot sucky?).

Nope, DysFUNctional Mom was referring to my now-erased mention of Chuck and the dreaded pink slip.

See, when Chuck told me the news last night—that he may very well get the slip by the end of the month—I decided to mention it here. But the whole time we were lying on the couch afterward, watching The Omen (what better way to quell those financial fears than with a horror movie?), I had that ick feeling. Then I started to hear the dreaded voice (which sounds an awful lot like Winona Ryder in Heathers): “Nice job, Debbie Downer” and “You lewser, people want funny, not funereal.”

What’s more, I worried that Chuck would feel I had violated his privacy. Sharing stories about his unmentionables is one thing; telling the world he’s about to become Mr. Mom is another.

So off I went to un-blog about it. Which you can’t really do, now can you?


I know the pink slip news isn’t earth shattering. And it’s not as personal as, say, confessing that I’m having an affair with my transgendered hairdresser who is also the uncle of my illegitimate half-sister who happens to be my ex-girlfriend (don’t lie, you’d read that blog, wouldn’t you?). But having a blog has raised all these questions I wasn’t prepared for. Mainly, what is the point of this blog? To be humorous? To provide a front row glimpse into our hicky lives? To post pictures of my pets in the hopes that someone—anyone—will mail us a Furminator?

I really don’t know.

I thought being a funny mom blogger would be easy. What’s campier than a bumbling new mom and her baby? Well, a lot of things. And you know what? The way we parent isn’t always slapstick. It reveals a lot about who we are, in very intimate ways. Ways that often make me cringe. Ways that often make Chuck cringe.

So yah, if someone could send along that Furminator…


thedavies99 said...

The furminator is overrated, parenting is not. Keep going!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You are funny. I am entertained and will read you. Good times and bad. I will also continue to promote you whenever I can because more people need to read your funny posts!

On The Verge said...

Sorry to hear about the pink slip. I questions where my blog is going on all time. I think if it is real people will read it. Good luck.

Mary Anna said...

Been there (hubby pink slip and longing for Furminator) and survived. And, I've reased a post a few hours later because of that nagging voice inside. Sadly, mine's not as glamorous as Winona Ryder - mine's more like my mother. (BTW: Rice, ice and nice don't rhyme when my mother says them.)

Marinka said...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry about the potential pink slip and I'm sorry that you're having blog angst. I worry about bumming people out sometimes, but that sort of comes with the package. I hope that things work out. And that you keep on blogging.

truelance said...

Know that your following is larger than you think. I look forward to every post because it places such a therapeutic parody on what we may sometimes otherwise deem as mundane.

Present day television as we know it pales in comparison.

Remember that Mulletville is NOT your final destination. You, Chuck and Junior are the trifecta that really matter - blog block is only temporary.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I read in a reader. I get the posts you immediately regret and take down, too. Heh.
I believe in blog authenticity. I don't think we should feel pressured to be funny when we're not feeling funny. I think we should blog from the heart.
And I wish y'all the best!

Frogs in my formula said...

Thanks everybody! you've given me a case of the Mulletville sniffles!

harrietv said...

Would you believe me if I told you that not only are new moms funny (especially if they can describe it!), but it's even funnier the second time around.

I'm not talking about the second child. It's the second generation! I don't want to push at my daughter-in-law, but she unbelievably had some difficulties that I had with my son, who was not the first but the third. I was supposed to be experienced by then!

Felicia said...

You always keep me laughing! I'm sorry to hear about your husband...that is horrible. Keep up your wonderful sense of humor in your blog...we all LOVE it!

Dto3 said...

That does suck, to quote DfM. But, since you and Wynona are tight, just ask her to take you to Saks. You won't need money there.

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