Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is the elusive boobie frog at the crossdressing fair perhaps?

I know everyone has done this, but I haven’t yet and it’s fun. Plus, it’s Sunday night and after getting tagged by On the Verge I’m feeling all kinds of listy (but not listy enough to do two lists. 1) I wouldn't do that to you and 2) then I wouldn't have anything to write about tomorrow).

List 1 (or is it 3? Whatever.)

10 phrases people Googled…only to arrive at The Mullets

1. "Blonde hair made me a slut." Honey, blonde hair didn’t make you a slut.

2. "Boobie frogs." I really hope there isn’t a website devoted to amphibian porn.

3. "Crossdressing renaissance fairs." That’s a whole lotta dress up.

4. "Formulae for three frogs and three red frogs to get to the other side." Other side of what? The road? The Pearly Gates? Why red frogs? I must know!

5. "How high is too high to push a 6 month old in a swing?" I’m so glad I’m not the only neurotic mother who doesn’t know how to use a playground with her newborn.

6. "Pee standing up pete yup feels good frogs." I think LSD might have been involved for that one.

7. "Son dry humping mom." I bet that was one of my neighbors.

8. "What would it feel like to be a frog?" I hope this person comes back as a frog in his or her next life. The question strikes me as so earnest and yet so…strange.

9. "Where do my boobs come from?" Um, Christina Aguilera had so much she gave you her leftovers.

10. "How to tell gender of your white stumpy tree frog." I can’t believe this person didn’t know this. You check behind the urostyle or just above the astragalus, hello.


Marinka said...


Mary Anna said...

Very funny! I always laugh when I see the search terms. Actually, people Googling for your blog have landed on mine. Then they were pissed so they left.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

heh heh

She said boobie...

heh heh

Ps- starting a new tradition today...a Pessimistic Monday Prize...come see! You're a natural for this one...

harrietv said...

These are how you can differentiate among those who know how to use Google properly. A cousin of mine found my page by googling for her mother, whose full name wasn't on the page!

Dto3 said...

"Son dry humping mom?" Seriously, what kind of neighbors do you have? I love you FIMF - lock your doors!!!

Keely said...

I just snorted juice out of my nose over the "Formulae for three frogs and three red frogs to get to the other side.". Not just ONE formula, but FORMULAE. I mean - c'mon, a person's gotta have options.

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