Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Junior has spoken

And the winners of the sage green Snuggies are...

and C-3PO.

Not only will these two spectacular people be receiving Snuggies in time for Christmas, Temple said, "I will totally wear it and send you a picture of me posing as the old Obi-Wan! I may even try to get Matt to be a sand creature..."

(Does Matt know he's got a rockin' Star Wars-themed night ahead?)

And C-3PO promised, "If I win the green Snuggie and pose with it, you will post the pictures for all the world to see and for my humiliation forthwith."

You heard it here. Public humiliation, Snuggie-style.

May the force be with them.

Oh shut up! I had to say that!

(If you are new to this blog, I swear I do more than peddle as-seen-on-TV products. I swear!)


Temple said...

Get the %@!# out!!! No friggin' way!!!! This is TOTALLY awesome! You just made my night, dear, and possibly my whole week!!! Man, I can't wait to tell Matt about our Stars Wars themed evening! :) I'm already practicing my Obi Wan poses! This just rocks!!! Now, I won't have to worry about all the pesky slipping and sliding that can occur with a normal blanket while I'm lying on my couch watching The Soup and eating Cheetos...hmm, do you know if Snuggies are Cheeto repellant?

Keely said...

I'm thinking the hat Junior used to draw the names was more of an Indiana Jones thing than a Star Wars look. Shouldn't it have been thematic?

Also, your next as-seen-on-tv giveaway should be available to us poor Canadians. We get cold too you know. So very, very cold.

Also, we get TV now, so we know what we're missing out on, dammit.

Also, I need to find a better word than 'also'.

Dto3 said...

I'm verklempt from the excitement of my win! Talk amongst yourselves. . .Snuggies are neither blankets nor legal in the 48 contiguous states. . .discuss! aka C3PO

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Congratulations. Dang it. I really wanted to win one - I'd have placed it under the tree for hubby. Now I have to find another gift.

Anne said...

Why does Junior hate me? Seriously, congratulations to your winners. I hope they enjoy the Snuggies.

I will just freeze here in arctic Connecticut with our foot of snow tomorrow.

Renee, have you thought about a Soda Stream?

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