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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe

to finally sit down and blog, your husband taps you on the shoulder and reminds you that you have a wedding to attend.

A wedding in a park on a winter Sunday. Followed by a sit-down dinner at a hotel. An hour away. On the same highway as tired, grumpy holiday travelers.

Because the soon-to-be married couple is a pair of avid hikers, the sit-down dinner will be followed by a late afternoon hike in the woods. After that, your husband reminds you, you promised to stop by his brother's son's birthday party.

I have to douse myself with lighter fluid now. I'm sure you understand.


Working Mommy said...

Oh good grief!! A wedding on a Sunday is a bad enough idea...they're only doing it for the negotiating power - since hotels foam at the mouth for business on Sunday. Good luck with your adventures today!

~Working Mommy
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Buggys said...

Outdoor, Sunday wedding. Followed by a hike. Whew sounds like a blast to me. Sorry I wasn't invited. I would stay for dinner and scoot to the birthday party. It's probably indoors.

heedpantsnow said...

Oh, how unfortunate!

Quick...grab a glass of antifreeze now and chug it on the way to the wedding. With any luck, the agonizing death part will kick in before the vows and you will be outta there.

Then you get to miss out on the rest of the day...and the rest of life. But, with this day staring you in the face, it seems the alternative may be justified.

Mass Hole Mommy said... much for a day of rest, huh? Well, try to make the best of it. It's a chilly one here in New England, but it could be could be snowing.

Keely said...

Um, wow. That sounds Ahem. Really.

A hike??

Pricilla said...

Pardon my French but WTF do you wear to a wedding like that? And WHAT is the bride going to wear on the hike. White hiking boots? Won't her veil snag on a tree or something?

FoN said...

That sucks. I'm suddendly feeling good about my afternoon of beer and footbal. Who gets married on a Sunday, anyway?

Mad Woman said...

I totally understand and I have some matches you can have if you like. I understand they work quickly in fire starting.

Weddings on Sundays in the winter suck. I will never understand it. And a hike afterwards? Will everyone not be too sloshed?

Suzi said...

I'm sure a cute little dress with hiking boots is sure to come in style. Who knows maybe you will set the latest trend.

Birthday party? Grab a few drinks...hell double fist it. If you're lucky it will get you through the event.

SLColman said...

UGH I hope you made it through your torturous day!

blognut said...

THIS is why I do not own a gun. I abhor the idea of incinerating myself, but I could totally blow my brains out if faced by the kind of day you had.

mo.stoneskin said...

You should have kept blogging, which is far more important, and sent the husband to the wedding alone.

mannequin said...

Good heavens.
Love, love, love; so inappropriate for this busy time of year.
Why can't people just leave us alone?

Lindy said...

Excuse me? A late afternoon hike in the woods?

Don't they know that people have sex after they get married, not go hiking...that waits until you can't stand your spouse and must get out of the during month #2.

Mama Badger said...

Who the hell has a wedding outside on the Sunday of Thanksgiving? Don't they like their guests? And a hike? Did they serve granola and water bottles, too? What happened to weddings that were meant to be a full buffet and bad cake followed by bad dancing for excersize.

kyooty said...

Just go and do, we'll be find twiddling our fingers waiting for the "results" posts.

Kathy said...

Here. Let me get you a match.

I'm gonna need to see the wedding hike pictures. That's lunacy, sorry.

Marinka said...

that's a good time to remember that just like Brangelina, we don't do weddings until EVERYONE can have one.