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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Channeling Rick Moranis is good for the soul

Have you ever seen the movie Spaceballs, particularly this scene?

I haven't thought of it in quite a while. Then there I was yesterday, taking to heart kyooty's suggestion to "Bring [douchy coworker Amber] Junior art for her cube."

I "helped" Junior do just that.

As I, I mean we, drew, I started hearing a voice. A voice that sounded a lot like Rick Moranis's.

"First you will feel the pain of alien thunderbolts. Then a giant bus with teeth will run you over!"


"Yes! Yes, Amber! Flames will eat your snaggly feet. Poisonous snakes will zap you with their tongues!"

"No, no!"

"Yes! A giant bird will devour your miniscule brain!"



"No, please! I take it back. I'm a rotten, petty woman!"

"It's too late!"

Obviously the bloodbath didn't end with us making out. That would just have been weird.

I haven't given Amber the artwork yet; right now it's bringing me pleasure to look at it. As soon as the giddiness subsides I figure I'll mow her down in the parking lot.

Hey, it was DysFUNtional Mom's idea...


Mama Badger said...

He, he, he. Best art therapy ever.

VandyJ said...

Sometimes being six can be helpful(or acting that way).

Brandy@YDK said...

great picture.

The Mother said...

My kids quote "Spaceballs" endlessly.

Not that particular scene, though. Odd.

Otter Thomas said...

A spaceballs reference elevates you to hall of fame status. Very funny.

Pricilla said...

I can still send Abby....

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Why don't you just ask her if she ever found a doggy daycare yet? Ask her where SHE went as a child?

Keely said...

I love that movie. I hope your evil co-worker trips over her dog and breaks an ankle. Then you can be all, "See, THAT'S how it feels trying to get out of the house with a toddler. Consider yourself enlightened, bitch."

May the Schwartz be with you.

Frogs in my formula said...

May the Schwartz be with you too! Hah!

Lindy said...

I've never seen Spaceballs...does that make me a loser?

SLColman said...

Awesome :) Art therapy at a shining moment!