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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes it's easier this way

From Curious George and the Dump Truck

Junior: "Mommy, why is George climbing out of a butt?"

Me: "Sweetie, he's not. He's climbing out of dirt."

Junior: "He's climbing out of a butt!"

Me: "It's not a butt. It's two piles of dirt. Dirt Curious George naughtily dumped out of a dump truck when he didn't have permission."

Junior: "He's in a butt!"

Me: "Are we ready to turn the page?"

Junior: "Is he in a butt?"

Me: "It's dirt!"

Junior: "Wait, Mommy, wait! Whose butt is it?"

Me: "Junior, I told you—"

Junior: "I know it's a butt, Mommy. Why is he in a butt?"

Me: (Sighing heavily) "Because Geroge fell off the dump truck so hard he landed in someone's butt."

Junior: "He did?"

Me: "Yes. He landed in the gardener's butt."

Junior: (Exploding into laughter) "He did? And then he climbed out?"

Me: "Yes. It was a long climb, but he made it."

Junior: "Why?"

Me: "Why what?"

Junior: "Why was it a long climb?"

Me: "Because people's intestines are miles long."

Junior: "Oh."

Me: "Can we turn the page now?"

Junior: "Hold on." (Studying page) "Ok."

15 comments: said...

That monkey really is a monkey, so you may be right about the gardener's butt. If he was my animal, I'd make sure he was no longer my animal. What I have just written makes very little sense.

Lady said...

Lol!! Lol!!! Soooooo funny.....

Grace said...

Far as I can see, the kid is right - the monkey is climbing out of somebody's butt...

Pricilla said...

Good think it wasn't a goat's butt. With all of the gas we expel it would have been a forceful exit.

Sparkling said...

I just exploded with laughter. He fell into the gardener's butt. I LOVE IT. I hate Curious George so damn much. I think he is the creepiest thing ever. And Junior confirmed it by seeing the butt.

Julia said...

Sounds familiar. My kids love anything involving farts. :(

Brittney said...

looking at the picture it really does look like a butt! Hahaha

Magpie said...


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Well, it's clearly a butt.

Frogs in my formula said...


Jeanne said...


Sending this link to my daughter, because Phinny LOVES Curious George. (and his mom still has the stuffed Georgie she got as a little girl and took to the hospital with her when she got her tonsils out.)

Jess said...

Of COURSE it's a butt! Nothing has to make sense to todders. Who cares that butts had nothing to do with the story, they're HIlarious. I always assumed potty humor was a "boy" thing.... my girls have certainly proved me wrong.

GUAMtastic said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it. And will certainly be careful the next time I fall to ensure I don't land in someone's butt...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh my word....that sounds like something my kid would say! And ... um... yes, I would probably say that back too.

Keely said...

Ahhahhahahahahhahahah! He's right. Looks like a butt.

What is it with their obsession with anally-related things? Xander regularly tells me he's going to poop on my head. Once he said THROAT. I'm afraid to go to sleep.