Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This one time...at band camp

Holy shit. Last week was like The Perfect Storm. Postpartum anxiety, a move, two sick children, snow, and news that our house in Mulletville (the one that's on the market) has depreciated $70,000 since we bought it.

Panic attack.

But. It's nothing compared to what's happening in Japan. I keep reminding myself of that.

So far life in Mulletville Lite has been surreal. I find myself vacillating between "Yes! We're out of Mulletville!" and "Fuck, I used to vacuum this room for allowance money and now I'm vacuuming it because I have to." Mmm, bipolar goodness.

Putting Junior to bed in the room that used to be my childhood bedroom was just plain odd.

Looking down the hall at my old bedroom from what's now my room and was previously my parents' room was even odder.

Myah, sex? Kind of still suck in the "ew" stage.

And who turned the lights off? Even with street lights on, it's dark out there. We'ze in the country! I can hear crickets and blades of grass wafting in the wind. Sticks tumbling by the creek. My braids slapping against my cheeks as I forage for berries.

Ok, ok. This isn't Caddie Woodlawn.

Which, incidentally, I read in fifth grade. In this town.

This is going to take some getting used to.


Keely said...

Yeah, that would just be effing weird. My childhood manse was on the market a few year ago and I strongly considered putting in an offer. Until my Dad told me that he KNEW everything that was wrong with that house, and if I bought it he'd have to kill me or disown me for stupidity.

But still. I kind of want to go home again.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

mah daddy used to always tell me, "It's hottah in da country dan it is in da summah."

Whatevah dat means.

Summah's comin up, ya kno.

This comment was weird but I just had to say it. My husband totally loves the country. I like it to visit but I want to live in the city. We've got that whole country mouse/city mouse thing going on. It's not as fun as it is in the book. Oh, as we're not cousins either. Thank God, considering we have 5 children. Sorry, off-topic there.

LAB said...

Sex in your parents' old room definitely has an ewww factor!

Glad you survived the move!

Pricilla said...

You ain't seen country 'til you've seen where I live.

WicketsMom said...

Not quite as wierd as my friend's situation. Her ex-husband bought her high-school sweetheart's home. Imagine putting your son to sleep in your ex-wife's ex-boyfriend's bedroom!

Sparkling said...

i love it. i love that you got to move back home! i moved into the house i grew up in and though i've changed a few things, some things can't be changed. for the most part, it all seems normal but every so often i have a flashback or i get to the top of the stairs and expect to see xyz and then i remember it hasn't been like that for 2 decades!

The Mother said...

One of our good friends was in Japan when the tsunami hit. He was astonished at how organized and unpanicked the Japanese people were--and how quickly everything returned to normal.

With the exception of the mildly increased radiation levels, that is.

judemiller1 said...

I moved back to my childhood home and lived there 27 years--then gave it to my daughter. So she and I have both lived in a house we grew up in. I loved it and so does she. Personally, I always wanted to make love in my parent's bedroom--probably my daughter does too. We are all a bit sick.

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