Monday, August 11, 2008

Touché, Viking

Oh, Junior. You and your sticky, germ encrusted mouth! Why, oh why, do those wet, sloppy kisses have to be so tantalizing? Why couldn't I have said no instead of letting you slime me countless times when you were sick?

The crusty nostrils should have deterred me. The morning hacking. The projectile Spaghettios.

But no, I leaned in for every one of those gooey slobberings, didn't I?

"More!" I shouted. "Coat me with your mucus you mucilaginous hunk!"

Thanks for the head cold. The raspy throat that makes me sound like a prank caller. The dry cough. The nausea.

(Charles, my nasal passages just check mated your kidney. Ha!)

1 comment:

The Fritz Facts said...

That is the worst. You want you help your kids feel better, but you don't want them to give it to you. I have a nasty one right now too, and I blame hubby though.

Feel better!

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