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About me: I'm 42 and added another gherkin to our pickle party of a family. My husband Chuck, our 9-year-old Junior, our 6-year-old Everett, our toddler and I live in a town in Connecticut I affectionately call Mulletville Lite (aka my childhood hometown). My friends call me Nutjob, and they're right. In my husband's spare time he dresses up as a Viking and chases ghosts (and I'm the nutjob?). When I'm not busy working as a graphic designer, I lie in a ball in the corner.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe now I can get some sleep

I've sent word via passenger pigeon to the Viking that Junior has pink eye and a fever (yes, I apologized to Linda for not causing Junior's ailments). Luckily his encampment received the note kindly and is sending the Viking home early.

Long live the king!


Dto3 said...

I wonder if the Medieval camp counselors would have sent Junior home because of some measley pussing eye socket?

SherryB said...

Viking to the rescue! ARrrr... Here's to your getting some good sleep... you get to start drinking at 8 a.m., too, right?

Frogs in my formula said...

Please tell me there aren't medieval camps for youngsters. That's just not funny.