Monday, July 21, 2008

Sugar, meet Junior

When I saw this photo of Junior, the face looked so familiar. Not because this is my son, but because his expression reminded me of...yes, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (you know, that maniacal look the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has as he edges toward the building).

Junior's first birthday party was yesterday and he got his very first taste of frosting. As you can see, he's perfected the pincer grasp so well he's moved on to using his entire palm.

I'm happy to report there was no family drama, thanks to a few strategically placed beverage stations (i.e., there was always an opportunity to ask, "Would you care for a beer? There's a funnel right here," if you wanted to leave a conversation). No, it wasn't a kegger but yes, alcohol is the salve that brings my family and Charles' family closer together. So close, in fact, that his brother-in-law gave me a vacuum-sealed embrace before he left and told me he wanted to "wrap me up."

(I'm going to attribute his comment and the "mmmmm" that preceded said comment to general present wrapping excitement and leave it at that.)

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The Fritz Facts said...

I am so glad that the party turned out well! Family drama is not fun at kids parties...I go through it every year.

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