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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who is that hairy dude??

I got a big freelance job working from home. The kind that will actually help me afford to put gas in my car. I thought it was a dream come true—until I tried to actually do my job while keeping two little people happy.

Actually, screw happy. How about just plain ole QUIET?

I've calmly explained to my five-year-old that I need to work on a project for "Mommy's client" so many times, he's actually made up a song about it. He plugs his nose and sings (in a very bored voice):

Mommy's cli-ent
Mommy's client
Mommy's cli-ent
Mommy's client...

It's not a very good song, but I don't blame him for the nasal chorus. Life does suddenly feel awfully congested. In the five years since I became a mom, I've thought so much about the pros and cons of WOHM and SAHM arrangements (always while enmeshed in the other), I never even thought about the WAHM life.  

I'm so happy I got invited to this schmorgesborg too. It's so...insane. 

Anyway, so yes, I have been gone from the blogosphere a lot but unlike every other time I've taken a little break, this time I mean it when I say I'm so balls to the wall I can't see straight. My laundry is up to the ceiling. I can't find the cat. I think Chuck grew a beard, otherwise there's some really hairy guy sleeping in my bed with me. I eat, pee and parent while taking phone calls. I get up at 6 a.m. and go to bed at 2 a.m. I've started making lists and posting them everywhere.


But here's the thing: I kind of like it. The craziness, that is. And having something productive to do while the kids watch Curious George. Big bonus: if someone's going to sing a patronizing song about your employer

Mommy's cli-ent
Mommy's client
Mommy's cli-ent
Mommy's client... 

It's so much more enjoyable coming from your kid than from that asshole in the next cubicle over. 


Leanne said...

It's good and you'll find time to blog too, one day. Congrats on the cli-ent too. :)

Patty Woodland said...

Congratulations. I hope it continues.
At least he's not rapping...

S said...

Congratulations! And speaking as a WAHM (a 3-year veteran come October), it is a brand of pure crazy not for the faint of heart. I subconsciously intentionally forget things (a carton of milk, a package of diapers) on my weekly shopping trips to give me an excuse to get out of the house, away from both office and screaming kids for 20 minutes each day. (Except screaming kids often end up at the store with me.)

LazyBones said...

I am impressed! I've thought about WAH jobs, but I don't think I could manage both responsibilities at the same time. I mean, home childcare is KIND OF similar, except the kids ARE the job. Another job, on top of that? What do I look like, Superwoman? I sleep in my yoga pants and then wear them the next day! I don't want to get ahead of myself, here. But I'm very impressed SOMEONE can do it! Good for you! said...

Now that I'm working in an office environment, I'd say that hearing your kid singing isn't bad, compared to what you could be hearing. Good luck! Hope you like your new WAHM life. Or is it WHAM? Are you ever going to dance again? said...

After working in an office for a little while now, I agree that hearing bad songs from your kids is a lot easier than some of the noises from cubicles. Good luck on the WAHM thing. Or is it WHAM? Are you ever going to dance again?