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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes the weekend feels like an island

I spend all week trying to swim to.

Yet despite all that swimming, my ass never gets smaller.


(If you write a post about your patookis and Google "bikini butt" because you think a picture of a great butt would add to your post, be prepared to see a lot of pictures of Kim Kardashian's ass. Ca-ching!)


Pricilla said...

Kim Kardashian has a mule?!

VandyJ said...

Is ca-ching anything like ca-chow? Why yes, we have been watching a lot of Cars recently, why do you ask?

Mama Badger said...

Now, that's something I need to see less of. I hear you on the weekend thing. PB and I say that every day feels like a race to bedtime, and the weeks are a race to saturday. Sigh.

Whiney Momma said...

Ha ha - good analogy.

Katherine said...

I wonder if you can do a "home" liposuction... I have considered it often LOL!

LazyBones said...

Sounds like someone needs permission to nap. Ahem. Just don't drown while doing so. Drowning does nothing for the ass either, I hear.

Hey, I've been swimming real laps -in a pool and everything!- and it hasn't done anything for my ass either. Or my belly, which looks like it may have accidentally swallowed my ass.

How long til you get a vacay? I think they should come automatically after a month back from maternity leave. And then once a month thereafter. For life.

Working Mommy said...

KK's a$$ would be a great replica for my own...though, I feel that mine is slightly larger...le sigh...


Ross said...

You need to start another activity, maybe chasing someone with a baseball bate.
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