Sunday, September 25, 2011

Case Study #2: "Still pissed about garbage night."

Some of you may remember Case Study #1: Garbage night in which I suffered from ire-incited insomnia while Chuck enjoyed unperturbed slumber.

Two years of ire-incited insomnia later I'd like to present Case Study #2: "Still pissed about garbage night." Alternate title: "You call that a weekend?"

Yes, I'm referring to that sandy island I spent all week dog paddling to. I went to an island all right. An island of BVDs*.

I'd like to again quote the article "Chores Can Cause Conflict in Your Marriage" by Sheri and Bob Stritof: "...74 percent of men said the chores were shared; 51 percent of women said chores were shared. Twenty-six percent of men said one person did the housework; 49 percent of the women said the same."

Chuck, your 74 percent is giving my 51 percent dishpan hands, under-eye circles, a serious backache and a mean case of the where's-the-meat-cleaver-I-would-like-to-sledgehammer-your-slumber.

A male's perception of his share in responsibilities vs. the actual amount contributed is so skewed, I bet Sheri wrote the whole fucking article and Bob came along and signed his name and went and told everyone they wrote it together.

Nice job, Bob. Have some BVDs you need laundered?

Yah, that's what I thought.

(If this is the last time the term BVD was in fashion I'm pretty old, huh?)


Pricilla said...

Men have a different definition for:
cooking dinner

and many other "chores"

Elizabeth said...

I don't understand--how is it that nothing in those piles looks like it's been accidentally dyed pink yet?

Frogs in my formula said...

Because Chuck hasn't come within 100 yards of the laundry, that's why!

Mama Badger said...

PB has a theory, if he does is to badly enough times I won't ask him to do it ever again. Except he's wrong. When he does is badly, I just nag the living hell out of him until he does it correctly.

Sparkling said...

wow i forgot about the bvd days. do they really still make them? i can't remember seeing them lately in any stores.

Working Mommy said...

i tried to show the man how life would be if i wasn't the one doing the i stopped doing his laundry for a week - and he got the picture.


SLColman said...

I don't know a man who says he does his share around the house that actually done so...... Blech :(

Jeanne said...

Ha! Great clip!

I cook dinner and Old Dog cleans up the kitchen. Most of the time. Some of the time. Okay, when I throw a hissy fit and threaten "every man for himself" dinner.

Anonymous said...

What a mess I can see you passed for a terrible situation or may9be insomnia because just look at that, I THINK you saved your top pills under all those stuffs.

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