Saturday, October 27, 2012

Parents found drunk in foul smelling basement with a chicken

Storm Sandy is headed for Connecticut. Luckily we have a basement stocked with beans and a liquor cabinet stocked with vodka. We'll be gaseous and drunk but by God, we'll be safe (I hope).

Incidentally, I don't mind if this storm postpones Halloween because I have no idea what Junior is going to dress up as. One minute he wants to be a washing machine, the next Optimus Prime. And Everett? He won't even let me put an arm into his costume:

I tried—nicely—to wrestle him into it, but he didn't want any part of it.

He's in for a big surprise if Storm Sandy hits and we lose power, and we need to wear shit like this to stay warm.

Now you understand this post's title...and why I'm kind of dreading Halloween.


Patty Woodland said...

I love you

Keely said...

Ack! Stay safe. And liquored. Safely liquored.

VandyJ said...

Good luck with the chicken. Judicious administration of liquor might help either get the outfit on or make it so you don't care

Sparkling said...

I too am wondering what will come of us after Sandy strikes. We had nothing from Irene last year, so I kind of don't believe in all the potential destruction they say it will cause. PLus, the latest track looks like it will literally hook right around us and miss us entirely because it will hang a left at New Jersey and go inland.

And I love that chicken outfit. It's hysterical.

S said...

My kid was a butterfly for 3 minutes last year, and that's only after my parents' neighbor refused to give her candy until she dressed up. Point is I feel your pain!

Meanwhile, if Sandy strikes, Halloween will be postponed till Saturday (just like most towns/cities last year), and you'll have a few extra days to figure it out.

Good luck weathering the storm!

Jeanne said...

Check in, please--did you come through okay?

Leanne said...

And? Here's hoping you're safe!! And have internet. Oh, and food and water too.

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