Saturday, October 29, 2011

The things we chant when we're overexcited

It's hard to get in the mood for this:

When the outside of your home looks like this:

And your child is chanting, "Yah! Santa's coming! Santa's coming!"

I don't mind the snow, I'm just a little surprised by it. The last time it snowed before Halloween it was 1996. I was at college in upperstate New York. I remember it distinctly because I'd been walking home from a Halloween party with a group of friends and I fell into a snow-covered shrub.

My costume had been Shooting Star; my weapon had been a toy gun full of vodka—cheap vodka—that I'd refilled all night and shot into people's mouths. (If you're going to a party and don't know many people, I highly recommend this costume as a way to quickly make friends.)

As I lay in the shrub, one of my friends shouted, "Fallen star! "Fallen star!"

Drunk people are so funny.

They pulled me from the shrub. When we got to the next party and I discovered I had pieces of shrub stuck between my teeth, someone was even nice enough to floss my teeth with strands of my hair.

Hey, I didn't have to tell you I fell face-first.

What about you? Are you looking out your window as the snow falls, reminiscing about your favorite Halloween costume? Or are you lying on the beach drinking a Bahama Mama?


Kat Rainville said...

I'm looking out at the snow and dying a little inside.

Pricilla said...

No snow here but the hubby did just go out and buy some manner of John Deere plow/tractor thing even though "we don't have enough money for...." But we always seem to have "enough money for...." what he needs.
Boys and their toys.

Sparkling said...

I've been listening to rain all day. It's amazing what the ocean effect does to snow. We don't think we'll have snow here, just lots of rain. Other places, not so lucky from what I hear. We even still have power.

Anonymous said...

<3 snow. (:

VandyJ said...

We had that storm last Tuesday and it was our third snow storm of the season. We always get snow early. ANd we always make sure we can layer up under the costumes or that the coat is incorporated into the costume--astronauts are common here.

Leanne said...

We have no snow here. And yes, I do live in Canada, but I've always hated Halloween. Boo Humbug. Mind you if I met someone with a squirt gun full of vodka I might change my mind...for a while at least.

Frogs in my formula said...

The vodka-filled squirt gun is very convincing. May have to use it tonight to keep my toes from freezing.

Keely said...

No snow here yet, shockingly.

I <3 the costume idea. I would have worn that to the office, but that maybe would have been inappropriate.

Mama Badger said...

Wait, you were at college in Upstate NY in '96? Me, too. Hmmmmm.

Snow in October is not as much fun as snow in December for some reason.

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