Monday, January 24, 2011

Sappy, sleep-deprived stardom? Maybe

Woohoo! We're going to be on TV.


A local production company shot the footage this morning; whether or not they use it remains to be seen. Basically, the company wanted to film a family as they professed their love for Connecticut.

(Nothing contrived about that.)

They chose us.

Saying I loved Connecticut proved to be more difficult than I'd thought it would be. I don't love this state. The director had to remind me several times not to scowl/grimace/vomit after my "I love Connecticut" line.

Ok, every time.

As part of the shoot, the director also asked me to wax poetic about my early mornings with Diddly. He asked what it was like to watch the town of Mulletville wake up. Before this morning I hadn't really thought about it, except in that Oh-my-gawd-it's-fucking-5:30-am-and-I'm-awake kind of way.

But it's true. For the last month, I've watched Mulletville come to life. Our bedroom window overlooks Main Street, and sometimes as I'm shoving my bosom or a bottle in Diddly's face I look out and see Mulletheads making their way home from the bars. The sky brightens. Church bells ring. School buses rumble by. Neighbors shovel.

It's quaint. It's peaceful. It's magically delicious.

My step-sister once told me that she missed the late night feedings with her children because the world was silent and it was just her and her baby. It felt like they were the only two in the world. She'd even called it blissful. At the time I'd scoffed.

I get it now.

And possibly, the dark canyons under my eyes will mean that Connecticut television viewers get it too.

(Anyone else humming "I Got You Babe"?) Yah, me too.


VandyJ said...

Congrats! An add for Mulletville, just what's needed. Have a great day, even if it started too soon.

Pricilla said...

You know I have only lived in my current town for 4 years but I could write reams about how I love it yet if asked to "wax poetic" on my old hometown in NJ where I lived for 14 I'd be at a loss.

And yet my husband hates it here.
Go figure

Sparkling said...

CAn't wait to see it you know you have to let us know~!

Mama Badger said...

Oh, now I can say I know a TV star! Ooooh.

I still offer to take little o if he wakes up in the middle of the night. With LG, I let those days pass way too fast. With little o, I hold his little sleepy self and know that soon, he won't want to get snuggled back to sleep.

SmartBear said...

How sweet and sappy of you! Just kidding...That's awesome. And I agree, though sleep deprivation sucked, I still loved being up early with him.
And thanks for imprinting that damn song in my head. Argh!
Tina said...

Well if you're going to be on TV, you're famous! Congratulations.

It's called Mulletville, eh?

Nanc Twop said...

Hey, earlier this evening I believe I already saw part of that Mulletville video online.


Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

well I'm glad to hear you haven't offed yourself from the post-partum hormones. I was wondering how you were doing. I guess if you get the thumbs-up from the camera man, you can't look half as bad as I did after any of my deliveries!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Your blog really is a secret huh? they have no idea about your loss of love for Mulletville, eh? :-)

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