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Monday, August 4, 2014

Free beers for all my readers!

I know it's been awhile since I've been here but I have a really, really, really good excuse: We bought a pub in Mulletville Lite. And we're opening it up to the public.

That second statement might seem obvious but you see, if you've never opened up a pub before, there's a lot of shit to do beforehand and there are times during said shit that you might look around and think, Gee, maybe we should just convert this space into a toy storage site. Or put a lot of couches in it and let our respective in-laws sleep here instead of on the couches at our house.

Really, who doesn't yearn for some extra room(s)?

But no, my brother is eager to open up the place (he's going to be the head chef) and Chuck, well, he's eager to open it so he'll have somewhere to go after work instead of to the basement (he's been really bad lately!). And me? I have to admit, I'm excited. Scared as all hell but excited nonetheless. I may never have to cook dinner again.

So, forgivable reason for not blogging, right? Right?!


Leanne said...

Yay! A pub? Really? You may have to be my new best friend, that is great news!

Enjoy it and good luck and let us know how it goes!!

The Captain's Wife said...

Gah! Are you opening up next to Peg's? Does this mean I may actually get to meet you IRL?

Grace said...

Never have to cook dinner again? Get that place open!

Bella said...


The Captain's Wife said...

Congrats on what appeared to be a successful opening night! I am looking forward to actually finding an evening when I can ditch the kids (and husband) and come in to enjoy a cold beer and a sandwich!

The Captain's Wife said...

Ok lady. You getting knocked up is really interfering with our ability to meet! I've been in twice! Neither time were you there :( when are you squirting that little shit out so we can meet and drink beer together?

PS. LOVE the atmosphere. You guys totally got rid of the preschool feel the old place had!

The Captain's Wife said...

PSS neither time did I get free beer either ;)