Sunday, February 10, 2013

And where the heck are the chickens?

"Chuck, honey? I'm in the mood for barbecue chicken. Can we fire up the grill?"

"I don't think—"

"Don't tell me we're out of propane!"

"No, we—"

"I'm dying for it. Please?"

"It's not really—"

"Fine! I'll just light the grill myself."
 "Suit yourself."

"Um, Chuck? Where is the grill? Chuck?"



Patty Woodland said...

OMG! Did you lose Chuck too?!

Frogs in my formula said...

Not yet. Though if he tells me one more time his back hurts from shoveling I may have to "lose" him.

The Captain's Wife said...

seriously! i am all for a good snow storm, an extra work from home day, hell even a day of being trapped in the house with the fam. but this shit was ridiculous! We had 36inches, so i know you were right there too. it literally took us a full 8hrs on Saturday to clear our driveway (which all the GD snow blew back onto), back deck, and rake a good majority of our roof. Then Sunday another 4-5hrs cleaning up the drieway again and then helping the elderly neighbors who were out there ready to drop dead from heart attacks.

I am DONE! Bring on the heat waves thank you very much.

The Captain's Wife said...

Hahaha! I logged in via the iPad tonight vs. the iPhone and see your new/updated banner. Yup, just about right!

Maria said...

Oh, ick. Snow. We are looking to the week ahead when another "monster" snow storm is coming our way. I am so freaking sick of monster snowstorms. I want Spring SO BADLY.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could get a little snow here in Texas! I hope your grill still works after being buried!

Mrs. Tuna said...

That hubby is a big baby, man up boyo.

SmartBear said...

Reporting from Snowmageddon here in the midwest. I'm afraid of what dead bodies are frozen under the snow out there. And since I'm an Ohio girl by way of Michigan back to the land of Oz...folks here are droppin' their baskets about all this snow. I'm chill. Let's just put some extra booze in the coffee and send the kids out to sled. And yesterday I went running because I was going to kill my husband if I didn't.
I hope you find your grill. And some chicken.

Sparkling said...

We had snow but nothing like that. You guys just kept getting and getting and getting it! And then we got rain for the most recent one.

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